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Yemeni Food
Yemeni Food
Yemeni Food

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is an Arabic restaurant with Halal food. 

 واي حاجة ثانية ... تكلم عن المطعم وتأسيسه وكيف أنكم ترغبون في تقديم الأكل بعيون عربية ونكهة ذوق تختلف عن ماهو موجود بفضل طباخين محترفين ... لتقديم ألذ الأكلات العربية والأمريكية التي تعني بالصحة في المقام الأول وتوفير طاقة للجسم تكفي لبقية يومك ....أي حاجة من هذا الكلاام يا باشا

Why Empire Shawarma?
Empire Shawarma is is not simply a regular restaurant. It is the Empire of foods that will bring you and your friends to enjoy eating from the Empire Shawarma. Eating from our restaurant is the prosperity of living. Enjoy your time and try different meals.

The delicious Middle Eastern dishes are made by a group of proffesinal arab cheifs.

The set of three homemade entrées (hummus, labne and mutabal) is served with homemade pita bread and is perfect to start dinner with. His musaka is also worth a try: it is served on a sizzling iron plate and topped with a generous amount of savory tomato sauce. Make sure to visit the restaurant when you have the time, as the menu is quite extensive and filled with dishes too charming to pass.

Business Hours: Mon - Sun 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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